395 Stores in 5 Weeks
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395 Stores in 5 Weeks

The Challenge: T-Mobile hired us to re-brand 395 locations in CT, NY and NJ in less than 5 weeks and set incentives to complete the work ahead of schedule. The project included exterior signage, interior signage and interior POP graphics.

This is an excellent example of the type of project we are very proud of. This is a recent contract where the installation schedule and scope of the installation was so aggressive that to meet some internal deadlines, T-Mobile gave us significant financial incentives to finish ahead of schedule throughout each phase of the implementation schedule. We made great bonuses by implementing ahead of schedule and T-Mobile was very pleased.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Signage US surveyed and photographed all of the locations in 7 days.
  2. Created a live, online project management web site with secure log on that included sign data, store measurements, sign types and photos of all locations which allowed both T-Mobile Sign Team staff and retail store managers to monitor and manage each step of the process.
  3. Established a detailed scope of work to be performed, specifications for signs and created a cost proposal for new T-Mobile branding campaign that they approved.
  4. Launched the Project Manager and assistants on a massive Permitting Campaign, including 57 locations in NYC, where the process of getting permits is the slowest and most difficult in the US.
  5. Ramped up our manufacturing team, had all materials supplied on a rush basis and manufactured the signage in 18 days.
  6. Rebranded 57 locations in Manhattan alone in less than 6 days (very challenging as the typical wait for permitting can be many times longer than most other cities – we paid people to wait in line for days). Received a 10% bonus.
  7. Installed all of the 395 locations' signage in less than 14 days.
  8. Posted all of the installation photos of the completed signage on the web site for T-Mobile to view and approve.
  9. Beat time estimate goals set by T-Mobile and collected a 5% bonus.

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