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A Green Company

Signage US has made an ethical and financial commitment to the environment and to the community in which we live, and that means more than recycling old materials.

We are always looking for new ways to reclaim materials and improve efficiencies in our manufacturing processes. We recycle almost every part of the signs we make or remove, and we make sure we use the proper methods to dispose of gases.

But green manufacturing and installation are only part of the solution. Here are some of the other commitments we have made to doing it right:

  • Using energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment
  • Installing Energy Star appliances
  • Reducing paper waste by optimizing the use of digital technology
  • Choosing suppliers with recyclable packaging and employing efficient technologies

For companies looking to save money while being kinder to the environment, we offer an Eco-Sign Upgrade Service that allows your company to upgrade power sources and lighting to more energy-efficient LED technology.