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Green Upgrade Program

Sign technology is continuously evolving. Our current designs are much more efficient than they were even just five years ago, and an upgrade can be the most cost-efficient way to realize energy and maintenance savings, especially when your signage is on 24 hours a day.

When you upgrade an existing sign to newer technology through our Green Upgrade or as an option on our Annual Maintenance Programs you can realize major savings over the purchase of a new sign. For example:

  • Replacing neon lighting with LEDs can save you 75 to 90% in energy and maintenance costs, while eliminating mercury content.
  • Replacing neon with fluorescent lamps can translate into energy savings of 23 to 50%.
  • Replacing T-12 fluorescent lamps with T-8 or T-5 fluorescent lamps can reduce your energy costs by 12 to 27%.
  • Replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs can shave 12 to 38% off your energy bill.

Energy Saving Service and Repair

Through better planning and the use of technology like our real-time online status system, we can reduce the need for multiple site visits by account managers and installations teams, thus reducing our use of fossil fuels. Itís just one more thing we do to protect our planet for future generations.

To learn more about our eco-friendly options, contact your Signage US Account Manager today at 203.440.9419.