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Project Management Services

Every company offers client services, but our project management process is designed to go above and beyond traditional client services offerings. Our project management professionals manage the entire scope of the project, so you and your staff are free to focus on your day-to-day duties.

Signage US project management services include:

  • Account Managers who will personally verify code information with each municipality, landlord, or governing authority that could impact your sign package
  • Surveying, photographing and measuring each new location to analyze site conditions, identify traffic patterns, photograph surrounding signage, and recommending placement for maximum visibility
  • Account Managers to negotiate with landlords, developers, and sellers to alleviate identity issues before you sign a lease or purchase property. They can also handle any variances or zoning appeals that may arise, so you can be assured you have an experienced partner with knowledge of local ordinances and your best interests in mind
  • Provide a development survey that includes written code checks, scaled color renderings of proposed signage, site plans, and photos
  • Provide a comprehensive research package detailing allowable signage and recommending placement options to provide your brand maximum exposure

What's peace of mind worth?

Managing a signage project is about much more than overseeing the production of a piece. Itís about understanding the true cost of a project not just in terms of pricing but the cost of permits, man hours spent negotiating with landlords and the price of delays.

Our Concierge Services ensure you know the true costs of your project up front and that one of our experienced account managers will make certain that all the necessary permits are pulled, all negotiations are settled amicably and your project is completed on time and on budget.

Your Signage US Account Management team will:

  1. Receive Site Address / Landlord Contact Information
  2. Assign & send surveyor to site for field survey, specs & photos
  3. Receive & Process all survey information Photos & Specs into a  database file
  4. Research Plaza/Property Sign Criteria Vs. Town Zoning Requirements
  5. Contact client  to discuss options, budgets & solutions
  6. Start sign drawings & layouts based on client requests & criteria allowances
  7. Send first drafts of drawings to client to review and approve
  8. Send Drawings to landlord & corporate directors for review & approval
  9. Receive, review and process all Letters of Authorization (LOA) from landlords
  10. Prepare permitting package, LOA's, surveys, engineer drawings and Scaled layouts
  11. Receive authorization from corporate/owner to proceed with permitting process
  12. Send out all permit documentation & schedule and track meeting dates
  13. Schedule permitters & expeditors
  14. Receive approved permits & notify all parties
  15. Receive fabrication approvals/PO's to proceed with building the signage
  16. Schedule shop fabricators & track production times
  17. Project & schedule installation dates vs. build-out dates & notify owner
  18. Schedule Shipping & notify installers of delivery date/times
  19. Schedule and process install dates & special requests ~ Notify all parties
  20. Confirm Installations & track progress
  21. Receive, process and send all completed installation photos and sign-offs to all parties

The only thing youíre left to worry about is what youíll do with all your free time.

Manage your project and your time

In addition to the unmatched personal service we provide, Signage US has built a secure online client management portal that allows you to check the status of any number of projects at any phase of production or installation, in real time, even from mobile devices.

From a single location, youíll be able to quickly access:

  • Local ordinance information
  • Color renderings of proposed signage
  • Field photos taken during our initial site visit
  • Store specific pricing information
  • On-line sign survey submittal
  • On-line maintenance submittal
  • Post installation photos

Additionally, our client management portal allows you to establish permission-based access to information on specific projects, so people only see what you want them to see.

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